Mark Baynes
Jessie Adams (1906)


I feel the winds of God today…today my sail I lift,

Though heavy oft’ with drenching spray & torn with many a rift;

If hope but light the waters crest & Christ my life will use,

I’ll seek the seas at His command & brave another cruise;


It is the wind of God that dries…my vain regretful tears,

Until with braver thoughts will rise…purer brighter years;

If cast on shores of selfish ease…or pleasures I should be,

Lord let me feel Your freshening breeze & I’ll put back to sea;


If ever I forget Your love & how that love was shown,

Lift high the blood red flag above…it bears Thy name alone;

Great Pilot of my onward way…You will not let me drift,

I feel the winds of God today…today my sail I lift;

Mark Baynes
words & music by Mark Baynes


Light of the world...you know no darkness,

Eternal flame burning before us

You spoke the words & darkness fleed,

Light of the world...come shine on me


Light of the world…come shine on me,

Light of the world…come shine on me,

Let every shadow fly…as Your glory burns wild & free

Light of the world…come shine on me!


Light of the world…You lead through the valley,

Bright morning star...my hope for this journey,

Lighthouse of love...on this raging sea,

Light of the world...come sing over me,


Come shine on me…Come shine on me…

Come shine on me…..in the darkest night

Be Thou my vision oh’ Lord of life

Mark Baynes
words & music by Mark Baynes


If I could count the times…I’ve stumbled on this path,

& left behind a trail of deep regret,


If I could count the times...I walked away from love

I could fill the ocean to it's depths;


But greater still...is a love that will not change,

As solid as the stone that rolled away

Down on my knees…is where I finally found the strength to pray

Love conquers all


(1st) Love conquers all...every fear that you have ever known

(2nd) Love conquers all...every tear that you have ever cried

when shadows fall

Love conquers all…come & lay your burdens at His feet

Great or small...love conquers all,


If I could count the times…You rescued me from me,

& held my hand while I was letting go;


If I could count the times…I counted all the times,

You did not count the times I was so slow;

Mark Baynes
John Greenleaf Whittier


Dear Lord & Father of mankind 

forgive our foolish ways,

Reclothe us in our rightful minds 

in purer lives Thy service find,

In deeper reverence praise,

in deeper reverence praise;


In simple faith like those who heard 

beside the Syrian sea,

The gracious calling of the Lord,

let us like them with-out a word,

Rise up & follow Thee,

rise up & follow Thee;

Mark Baynes
words & music by Mark Baynes


Hear how His voice...rolls like the thunder,

Beckons me now…to come follow Him,

See how this choice...fills me with wonder

Wondering where this journey will end,


Let me run now to the One who has called me,

Let me live now for His glory & fame,

This is the reason that I will surrender,

Jesus has called out my name;


I will arise & follow Jesus

I will arise & journey with Christ

Where ere’ He leads me...that’s where I’ll follow,

I will arise & journey with Christ


Hear how His voice…soft as a whisper,

Blows like the wind…filling my sail,

Leading me on through the passage of winter,

Safe to the harbour where love never fails,


Let me embark on this journey with courage,

Let me step out on my faith beyond fear,

This is the reason I will surrender,

Jesus has called me from here;


Mark Baynes
words & music by Mark Baynes


From the moment He was born

He was destined for the cross…

To wear the crown of thorns,

A single purpose to fulfill…

to bear the wrath of God…

for it was His father’s will


Love displayed for all to see…


On the passion tree…Love was crucified

On the passion tree…rejected & despised

What a beautiful mystery...hanging on the passion tree


In the wisdom of God’s plan

It was foolishness we thought,

that He become a man…..

And walk the road of suffering

Rejected by His own,

even though He was a King…..


Wisdom hidden from the wise…


Mark Baynes
words & music by Mark Baynes


Born in Albuquerque in 1943

His father was a soldier fighting hard to keep us free

An engineer just like his father’s father gone before

Wondering what life would have in store


He married to my mother & his love for her was strong

a faithful husband forty years, working hard & long

She bore to him a tiny child, who lived for just three days

but joy came in the morning as they prayed


Adoption was the road they chose to walk by faith and see

If God would grant their hearts desire to have a family

Guided by a loving hand, invisible but strong

They gave a child a place he could belong

He set his love upon the man who sings this song


I thank God, my dad is like my Father too

Loving me for who I am and not for what I do

Love is so much stronger than the blood we never had

& now I know, how deep a love can go because you are my dad


They gave to me a sister, adopted like I was

brought into this family not of blood but of their love

A family born not of the flesh but from a Father’s heart

Two chosen ones were rescued from the dark

Dad, your love has been a beacon in the dark


I thank God, God is like a Father too

Loving us for who we are and not for what we do

Love is shown by sacrificing everything you have

Now I know how deep a love can go

because you are my dad


Mark Baynes
words by Dawn Baynes / music by Mark Baynes


Autumn winds winnow through…branches laden down,

Amber gold and crimson deep…lie scattered on the ground,

Your Spirit comes to strip away…shall I fear the loss?

When You alone discern true gold & burn away the dross,


When winter winds & icy rains…assail my soul laid bare,

May my hope & faith prevail…assured that You are there,

Seasons past have waxed & waned Your whisper draws me still,

Your goodness, grace & love remain…promises fulfilled,


Constant is the Lord of glory…

ancient of Days, weaving time

I am caught in a wondrous story…

I am His & He is mine...I am His & He is mine,


Winter’s shroud dissolves away…with early morning mist,

The quickening suns restoring rays…releases deaths tight fist,

The home of hope is ever sure…eternal sovereign true,

Untouched by mortal circumstance, when hope abides in You,


Summer’s balm imbues my soul…with golden warmth’s full rest,

The grasp of reason winter stole…is found beyond the test,

Your perfect will is wild untamed beyond mankind’s frail grasp

Such beauty only can be named...with Christ revealed at last,


Mark Baynes
words & music by John C. Buchanan / arrangement by Mark Baynes


I’ve found something…it ain’t just a plain thing,

something good…I won’t let go;

I’ve got something…took me such a long time,

now that it’s here…I won’t let go;


Times are changing…a voice keeps saying,

Now that You’ve found love…don’t let it go,


Don’t let it go…now that you’ve found this love is for you,

Don’t let it go…now that you know — know that it’s good,

In a time of change…ships pass in the night,

Don’t let it fade without a fight…

Like a light in your life…the bright morning star,

don’t let it go…don’t let it go,

Pray your love grows…don’t let it go,


Some search for old things…some for shiny gold things,

found my rest in You & I won’t let go;

Tried to find my pleasure…in different kinds of treasure,

was blind but now I see & I won’t let go;


Love can last for always…I’m sure it’s true & I say,

I’m the richest man alive & I won’t let go