Mark Baynes
words & music by Mark Baynes


Born in Albuquerque in 1943

His father was a soldier fighting hard to keep us free

An engineer just like his father’s father gone before

Wondering what life would have in store


He married to my mother & his love for her was strong

a faithful husband forty years, working hard & long

She bore to him a tiny child, who lived for just three days

but joy came in the morning as they prayed


Adoption was the road they chose to walk by faith and see

If God would grant their hearts desire to have a family

Guided by a loving hand, invisible but strong

They gave a child a place he could belong

He set his love upon the man who sings this song


I thank God, my dad is like my Father too

Loving me for who I am and not for what I do

Love is so much stronger than the blood we never had

& now I know, how deep a love can go because you are my dad


They gave to me a sister, adopted like I was

brought into this family not of blood but of their love

A family born not of the flesh but from a Father’s heart

Two chosen ones were rescued from the dark

Dad, your love has been a beacon in the dark


I thank God, God is like a Father too

Loving us for who we are and not for what we do

Love is shown by sacrificing everything you have

Now I know how deep a love can go

because you are my dad