Mark Baynes
words & music by John C. Buchanan / arrangement by Mark Baynes


I’ve found something…it ain’t just a plain thing,

something good…I won’t let go;

I’ve got something…took me such a long time,

now that it’s here…I won’t let go;


Times are changing…a voice keeps saying,

Now that You’ve found love…don’t let it go,


Don’t let it go…now that you’ve found this love is for you,

Don’t let it go…now that you know — know that it’s good,

In a time of change…ships pass in the night,

Don’t let it fade without a fight…

Like a light in your life…the bright morning star,

don’t let it go…don’t let it go,

Pray your love grows…don’t let it go,


Some search for old things…some for shiny gold things,

found my rest in You & I won’t let go;

Tried to find my pleasure…in different kinds of treasure,

was blind but now I see & I won’t let go;


Love can last for always…I’m sure it’s true & I say,

I’m the richest man alive & I won’t let go