Mark Baynes
words by Dawn Baynes / music by Mark Baynes


Autumn winds winnow through…branches laden down,

Amber gold and crimson deep…lie scattered on the ground,

Your Spirit comes to strip away…shall I fear the loss?

When You alone discern true gold & burn away the dross,


When winter winds & icy rains…assail my soul laid bare,

May my hope & faith prevail…assured that You are there,

Seasons past have waxed & waned Your whisper draws me still,

Your goodness, grace & love remain…promises fulfilled,


Constant is the Lord of glory…

ancient of Days, weaving time

I am caught in a wondrous story…

I am His & He is mine...I am His & He is mine,


Winter’s shroud dissolves away…with early morning mist,

The quickening suns restoring rays…releases deaths tight fist,

The home of hope is ever sure…eternal sovereign true,

Untouched by mortal circumstance, when hope abides in You,


Summer’s balm imbues my soul…with golden warmth’s full rest,

The grasp of reason winter stole…is found beyond the test,

Your perfect will is wild untamed beyond mankind’s frail grasp

Such beauty only can be named...with Christ revealed at last,