Mark Baynes
words & music by Mark Baynes


If I could count the times…I’ve stumbled on this path,

& left behind a trail of deep regret,


If I could count the times...I walked away from love

I could fill the ocean to it's depths;


But greater a love that will not change,

As solid as the stone that rolled away

Down on my knees…is where I finally found the strength to pray

Love conquers all


(1st) Love conquers all...every fear that you have ever known

(2nd) Love conquers all...every tear that you have ever cried

when shadows fall

Love conquers all…come & lay your burdens at His feet

Great or conquers all,


If I could count the times…You rescued me from me,

& held my hand while I was letting go;


If I could count the times…I counted all the times,

You did not count the times I was so slow;