God’s Planned Interruptions...  

Interruptions, whether we like it or not, are just a part of life.  Just when we had everything figured out for our day, our week, or even the year ahead - something inevitably comes up that we could not have foreseen or planned for.  Christians and non-Christians alike often experience this.    

Some interruptions are a nuisance and a pain –intrusions that we could have most certainly lived without.  The meeting was going great until; the evening was all planned but; the dream was coming true and then…  

Some interruptions, on the other hand, are welcomed and a delightful surprise — a knock on the door when the shadows were closing in; a bouquet of flowers that we look back on with fond memories; the loneliness that seemed like it was going to last forever suddenly vanishes as a new and unexpected friendship comes into view; a dream we never even thought to dream comes true beyond all expectation;  

Whether experienced as interruptions or delightful surprises, it is God who brings them and uses them to move us into His will, shape us into the image of His Son, or even change the desire of our hearts for His purposes.  

Zechariah was a man who experienced a once in a lifetime interruption from the Living God.  His story gives us hope that even if things are not going to our plan, even if the dream is fading to dim back and white, God’s interruptions bring with them technicolor possibilities, hope, even in time joy (Ps. 30:11)  

A life interrupted by God is a hard and yet beautiful thing.  Let’s face it, as we naturally live according to the flesh; God’s interruptions are not often welcomed.  However, when God speaks, our routines are gloriously interrupted.  When God calls out, our plans are altered.  When God takes the initiative, our priorities get rearranged; and as we look back with eyes of faith, it is for these things we give Him thanks!  Would Zechariah dare say he wished God’s interruption had never happened in his life?  A life interrupted by God can never be anticipated or predicted.  Our dreams and plans are often too small and too selfish.  We dream of strength and prestige, the Lord dreams of weakness and obscurity, so that He might gain glory (2 Corinthians 12:10)    

A life interrupted by God can sometimes can wound us.  Zechariah was not being able to speak, Josephs own brothers betrayed Him to Egypt, David was chased through the wilderness by a man He had tried to bless, and Moses was rejected by the very people He desired to help.  None of these men chose this — God interrupted their lives for a purpose beyond their ability to see in the moment.  Take heart, that although some kind of suffering might be brought to bear upon your life, the divine interruption is meant to bless you.   

A life interrupted by God is perfectly timed, despite the long years of waiting we might endure.  Zechariah had waited roughly 30 years to be chosen.  Now that we know the whole story, we understand why he missed out 30 of the 31 times!  Do you feel like you keep missing out?  God’s holy interruption will come in due course:  The Psalmist reminds us, “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  

A life interrupted by God will in time overflow with blessing to many others.  God does not interrupt us to frustrate us.  He interrupts our plans so that we might be a blessing in His Kingdom.  He promises to work all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called (might we dare say “interrupted?”) according to His purposes.  

Next time your plans get rudely interrupted, or delightfully surprised by a dive appointment, lift up your voice in prayer to give God thanks that he doesn’t let you live a quiet life in peace apart from Him.  His interruption is you're blessing — His interruption is your salvation!