“Worship is the work of the Holy Spirit — in the body of Christ — to the glory of God the Father…”

The object of this great act of worship is, of course, God Himself. Times of worship are occasions when man is brought face to face with himself, and is reminded of the large, pathetic facts of his own life. They afford almost the only ordinary opportunities for him to take a steady look at the mystery — which is himself before God. In business, he has no time to remember his life is a vapor: in pleasure, his aim is to forget this undeniable truth. Few men, apart from the hours of worship, ever stand and gaze before the facts of birth and death, before their own pitifulness and splendor, their transience in time and their permanence in eternity. Yet all men know that it is only those who take thought upon these things, who will grow in wisdom. And it is no small service that the church renders — in a world of shadows and pursuit of shadows — when it affords opportunity for men and women to behold the reality of these things and to touch the trappings of their mortality, and thus to move them upwards to the place where the Eternal dwells.”

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